• Susan L.

A Mysterious Visitor

Hello Everyone!

With the holidays fast approaching, I am starting to feel a bit nostalgic. Recently my father had major surgery, and I had a rather profound experience that I felt compelled to share with all of you. The surgery was expected to last several hours, and after they took my father back to the surgical area, I headed for the family waiting room and made myself comfortable in a chair near the front desk. I explained to the nurse that my brother would be arriving much later, and asked if she would be so kind as to watch for him in case I wasn't in the waiting area when he arrived.

A little while later, I decided to take a break and grab some coffee and a quick bite to eat. When I returned I couldn't help but notice that I was the only one in the waiting room without another family member or friend to wait with. Feeling a bit lonely, I settled into a corner chair and occupied myself with a good book. I pushed the thought from my mind, and reminded myself that my brother would be arriving in a few more hours.

Suddenly, the nurse that I had spoken to earlier approached me and said, "I'm so glad your brother arrived earlier than expected, so you didn't have to wait alone after all." Feeling a bit puzzled, I explained that my brother had not yet arrived and I wasn't expecting him until much later. She kindly asked, "Who was the nice young gentleman that was sitting with you all this time?"

I quickly assured her that I had been sitting here alone for the past two hours, and there was no one else in my area. The nurse was somewhat taken aback, but insisted that she was quite certain there was a young gentleman sitting next to me right after I returned from my break.

Since neither one of us had an explanation, we just shrugged our shoulders and left it at that. Each time she passed by, I noticed that she eyed the spot next to me rather strangely. When my brother finally did arrive, he sat down next to me in the very same spot as the mysterious gentleman.

This time the nurse walked by and asked again, "Is there a gentleman sitting next to you now?" I just laughed, and introduced my brother who had just sat down. She shook her head and told me this was certainly not the person she saw sitting there earlier. Now it was my brother's turn to look puzzled.

As I thought more about this strange experience, I remembered saying a prayer that morning asking for comfort and protection. I was feeling quite worried about my father's surgery, and asked for an angel to guide us. The more I thought about it, the more comfort I felt.

My father's surgery went very well, even better than expected. Even though I will probably never know who my mysterious visitor was, I do know without a doubt, that we never have to face our fears alone!

Wishing everyone a blessed week, in the coming joy of the holiday season!

All my best,