• Susan L.

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

June is Alzheimer's and Brain awareness month, a time to increase understanding of what dementia is and how it impacts the lives of those it touches. It's also a great time to work to decrease the stigma and silence that too often accompanies an Alzheimer's diagnoses.

Each June AlzAuthors hosts a book sale and giveaway to help caregivers and those concerned about dementia find knowledge, guidance, and support offered through shared wisdom and experience. AlzAuthors is the global community of authors writing about Alzeimer's and dementia from personal experience. I'm proud to be a part of this growing non-profit organization, and I'm excited my books "In Search of Rainbows" and "Optimal Caregiving" is a part of this sale.

Starting June 15th through June 22nd you can take advantage of this biannual opportunity to purchase excellent resources on the dementia diseases for free or reduced prices. We offer a variety of genres, including fiction, memoir, non-fiction, and children's and teen literature. Most are available in Kindle and ebook, and many are available in paperback and audio. We encourage you to build a library of carefully vetted books to help guide and inspire you every day.

Our books are written from a deep place of solidarity, vulnerability, and love. May you find one-or two, or more!-to help guide you on your own dementia journey.

Have a blessed week!