• Susan L.

New Year Burnout

Feeling a little burned out lately? You are not alone. As we face the pressures of starting a new year, many people are experiencing burnout. Let’s face it; this past year has been a real doozy! We have been through a global pandemic, lost loved ones, struggled with social isolation, and witnessed political unrest. And now, the expectation of making 2021 a better year adds a lot of stress and demands.

What exactly is burnout? It is defined as “a state of physical and emotional exhaustion.” In fact, it has become so common that it has its own ICD 10 code for medical diagnosis.

If you are experiencing burnout, you know that it is so much more than the physical and emotional aspects. Symptoms can include anxiety, fatigue, lack of energy and motivation, short temper, and decreased libido. It can interfere with every part of your life. Even the most resilient people can feel miserable and worn out.

Even though burnout can feel overwhelming and endless, there are strategies to help you cope.

· Make a list of your goals, resolutions, worries, demands, or expectations. Carefully prioritize and consider each item. Which ones can be eliminated? What can be simplified? Think about which ones have the most value and embrace them.

· Be gentle with yourself and practice self-care. Instead of neglecting your needs, take better care of yourself. Get a massage, unplug from social media, exercise, eat healthy, and get enough sleep.

· Make a new plan. Leave your comfort zone and do something that feeds your soul. Practice gratitude and find something meaningful in every day.

· Take some time off if you can. Focus on yourself, your loved ones, or a special hobby.

· Don’t be afraid to seek therapy. It can be invaluable when we are facing struggles and uncertainties in our lives.

Making simple and meaningful changes to our plan for the new year can not only decrease the unpleasant symptoms of burnout, but it can help us feel more confident, increase self-worth and a sense of joy!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!