• Susan L.

Self-care: Make yourself a priority!

Our days are often filled with activities, constant rushing, and noise. Before long, it takes a toll and becomes more difficult to feel rested and healthy. As a result, we begin to feel stressed and burned out. Over time, we can even feel resentment toward the ones we love.

We all try to be kind and compassionate to others, but some of us find it hard to do the same for ourselves. Many of us put ourselves last, and are convinced that we don’t have the time for self-care. We’ve all been there, myself included!

The most important thing you can do for yourself is slow down and take a break when things get hectic, especially when you feel stressed and unwell. Remember, you are worth it!

Research studies have shown that adding a daily routine of self-care reduces stress and decreases your chances of illness, and also increases productivity and happiness. Not only that, but we can think more clearly and have a much more positive attitude towards our life. This can lead to improved relationships, better work ethic, and allows the cycle of positivity to continue.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

· Practice gratitude! Count your blessings and be thankful for everything and everyone in your life.

· Remember to rest. Take a nap or get some extra sleep by going to bed early.

· Take a break from the news, social media, and your computer. Turn off unnecessary devices.

· Exercise, do yoga or take a walk outside in nature.

· Try meditation, or just learn to be still and embrace quiet solitude.

· Read a good book, or rekindle a long-forgotten hobby.

· Keep a journal and fill it with your thoughts. Release any negativity that you feel.

· Learn to say “no.” Sometimes it’s not easy to say how we really feel, but becomes necessary when we are feeling over-burdened.

· Nourish yourself with a healthy meal. Eat outdoors or by candlelight, for a special ambiance!

· Get creative! Bake some cookies, get artistic, or re-arrange and redecorate a room. It can help you feel productive.

Even though it can be hard to schedule some extra time for self-care, it’s important to make yourself a priority. In fact, it’s necessary so you can continue to grow and thrive, and put your best self forward every day!

Wishing you peace and good health!