• Susan L.

Spring is for new beginnings!

Spring is a time for renewal, when everything comes alive again. The spirit reawakens and makes way for a fresh start and a new season. Suddenly the breeze feels a little warmer, and carries the earthy sweet scent of new blooms that hangs heavy in the morning air. The world is positively humming with activity that speaks to all our senses. Spring is nature's time for transition and new beginnings. I absolutely love this time of year!

Since spring is a natural time to begin again and make a fresh start, you may be thinking of making some positive new changes in your life. This can be a great time to reinvent yourself and take advantage of the unique energy that surrounds us now. You may have already been thinking of some new ideas to put forth, or maybe you just feel a vague sense of restlessness and boredom in your life.

Here are some ideas that may help answer the call for growth and rejuvenation:

  • Find new meaning in your life. Although this can represent many things, it will always come from a very personal place. It could mean dedicating yourself to a new cause or purpose, going on an adventure, or simply making more time for yourself. Whatever it is, it should feed your soul and be deeply meaningful to you.

  • Make some new resolutions. New Year's Day is not the only time to start new resolutions. Now that the days are getting longer, you might want to consider spending more time in nature or getting more exercise outdoors. Make a commitment to doing a family activity at least once a week, or recommit to a broken New Year's Resolution.

  • Step outside your comfort zone. This doesn't have to be anything drastic, but maybe doing something less traditional like taking a solo trip to a new city, or signing up for a yoga class might sound invigorating!

  • Sustain yourself. Find something that continually renews and nourishes your body and senses. You could choose to eat healthier foods, try cooking new cuisine, or redecorate a room in the house with new drapes and a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Use your imagination and the list could go on and on. Spring creates a rich opportunity to refresh and renew ourselves again. It also gives us the chance to create new and wonderful ways that serve us well all year round!

Wishing you all a lovely week!