• Susan L.

We're in this Together!

Over the past year, our world has shifted immensely as we learn to live in a pandemic. While continuing to social distance and shelter-in-place, staying motivated and keeping up a daily routine can seem difficult. Like so many others, quarantine has left me feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Staying optimistic and seeing it with the “glass half-full,” I realize we are in this together. We are all making sacrifices to keep our world, our loved ones, and ourselves safe.

We’ve all had our days of feeling lonely, disappointed, happy, and sad. And that’s ok! You are allowed to feel your emotions. Whatever you are feeling today or tomorrow, there are some ways to stay inspired and motivated.

· Establish a routine and make a simple checklist of your daily activities. They should include things such as wake-up time, work time, eat time, relax time, and sleep time. It may sound mundane, but these are unusual times we are dealing with. A simple routine can help you feel grounded and focused. You can always add more things to your list.

· Stay organized. Clutter can weigh you down. Keep your workspace clean and neat. Especially if you have multiple people working at home. Clean out your closets, basement, and other spaces in your home if you have extra time.

· Finish some home projects you have been meaning to do. Paint a room or a piece of furniture. Get creative and start a DIY project. You could explore gardening; spring is right around the corner!

· Practice self-care. You could start a new exercise routine or take a walk outdoors. For some of us who work at home, you might find yourself working extra hours. Take some time for yourself to relax, de-stress and unwind. Be sure to eat a nutritious diet and get plenty of rest to stay healthy.

· Take advantage of opportunities. Since the quarantine, there are lots of online activities such as virtual exhibits, on-line classes, tutoring sessions, and plenty of live-streaming entertainment that is free or very reasonably priced.

These are difficult times that call for difficult measures. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Quarantine isn’t easy and we all work through it differently. Don’t compare yourself to others and instead, focus on yourself and your achievements. Remember to take a step back if you are feeling overwhelmed. Consider taking a break from the news and social media. Never hesitate or be ashamed to reach out for help. We will all get through this together!

Wishing you peace, health, and happiness!