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In Search of Rainbows: A daughter's story of loss, hope, and redemption.

By Susan Landeis

In this moving, soul-searching memoir, Susan Landeis tells her story of a troubled childhood with a mother suffering from grief and depression. Determined to escape her mother's cruelty and rejection, she left home at the age of sixteen. 

Years later, when her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and dementia, Susan suddenly found herself making the difficult decision to care for both of her parents.

She soon realized that dementia enabled her mother to become a different person entirely. A new relationship slowly evolved, and for the first time, Susan felt hope that she would have the mother she always longed for.

After her mother's death, Susan's grief led her on a journey to search for answers that eventually took her back to a place she once called home. After unlocking the secrets to her mother's troubled past, Susan came full circle with her family legacy and found healing, forgiveness, and faith in her own future.

In Search of Rainbows is that rare book that will touch your heart and remind you that love is patient and will always persevere. 

What people are saying...

Could not put it down. Very will written, and came from the heart. There are so many parts to the story that will resonate with others. ~ Book Review

I admire her courage to pick up the broken pieces of her life and make them into something beautiful! ~ Book Review

Love, love, love what she writes about gratitude! Nicely written. ~ Book Review

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Optimal Caregiving: A guide for managing senior health and wellbeing. By Susan Landeis, CNC

We live in an era where there is an abundance of information at our fingertips, yet still, making care decisions for our elderly loved ones can seem daunting.


More than forty million adult children will find themselves experiencing the role of caregiver at some point in their lives, often with very little knowledge or preparation. 

In this supportive and practical guide, Susan Landeis, CNC, recognizes the importance of how diet, lifestyle, and nutrition can affect senior health and well-being. This book addresses concerns about nutritional needs, healthy meal preparation, safety tips, and healthy aging. 

Drawing on her own personal experiences as a caregiver and certified nutritional consultant, this book not only focuses on eldercare and nutrition, but also the value of self-care for the caregiver. You will also find useful information and resources to empower you and guide you on your caregiving journey.

What people are saying...

I highly recommend this book for anyone who finds them self in the position of being a caregiver. The book outlines many aspects of caregiving that are often missed or overlooked. The nutritional information is invaluable and I found myself bookmarking many pages for future reference. The book is an excellent guide for those looking to be supportive of aging parents, or grandparents. It is packed full of solid information to keep seniors healthy and happy. ~Amazon Review

The author has certainly done her research on this topic. Her life experiences and her quest to find answers for her ailing and aging parents has made this book an excellent resource for caregivers. I highly recommend the book because of the practical information she sheds on various topics. It is well written and easy to read. Susan shares her heart in this excellent book and is passionate about providing a quality life for the elderly. It is also a preventative resource for those entering into our retirement years. ~Amazon Review

Sue has done a great job combining life experiences and a lot of education and research, resulting in a great read! Really great information, easy to read and understand and a great support tool for people who are supporting their aging parents! Thank you for sharing! ~Amazon Review